Tent and Hike is proud to offer Prana Sportswear for you to enjoy in the great outdoors, out to dinner with friends and family or walking the dog.

Here’s a bit of information about layering and staying warm for the winter. 

From the skin out, a layering system begins with a base layer (long underwear), typically of a performance wicking fabric to keep you dry and comfortable. Long underwear for women comes in a variety of styles, all designed to fit a woman’s shape. Choose long underwear tops and bottoms, according to your expected activity level and outdoor temperature. You’ll need heavier weight, warmer long underwear for sitting at a football game than you will when you strap on your snowshoes for a hardcore aerobic workout.

Over your base layer, add an insulating layer. This can be anything from a wool sweater to a fleece jacket or even a light and trim goose down or synthetic-filled jacket. Is there such a thing as too many sweaters or too many fleece jackets? No! Spruce up your winter wardrobe with a new sweater today!

As your outermost layer, choose a jacket or shell that will provide the protection you need, for the kind of weather you will encounter. Choose an insulated outer jacket for even more warmth, or select a shell with wind-and-waterproof properties.  

Combining the three layers, or mixing and matching, will result in an unbeatable layering system to fight off the chill of winter.  But, if cold weather isn’t your thing, Tent and Hike has plenty of women’s clothing for adventure in warmer weather too.

Look no further than Tent and Hike, for the women’s clothing styles you can live life in.