There’s nothing better than a great chair at end of a long day of outdoor adventure when you hit camp.  It seems romantic to set up camp with rocks and stumps as furniture, but it’s never as comfortable as a good table and chair. 

Camp furniture is an important feature to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable. Not only to set up the camp kitchen but also for playing games with friends and family, and just hanging out and watching the sun go down.

The ideal camping table is weather resistant, stable and easy to store and carry.  The same rules can apply to your camp chair. Depending on the trip your planning you may need a few different pieces of camp furniture. What you take tailgating is going to be different than what you take on your next backpacking trip.

Tent and Hike’s selection of chairs and tables can be used for more than just camping; you can take them to the beach, festivals, tailgating and backpacking.