Tents & Shelters

Tents & Shelters

Make all camping adventures feel like home with Tent and Hike’s multi-purpose tents. Tents for hot summer weather and resistance to harsh weather, separate sleeping areas for the whole family and high ceiling tents make Tent and Hike’s options the perfect home away from home.

The right tent for you.

The first consideration for a camper should be shelter, whether your idea of a trip is your back yard, iconic car camping or backpacking across country. Your tent is protection from wind, rain, snow, hot sun and pesky insects.

 Tent Tips

  • What will the weather be like? Pick a tent equipped to handle the harshest conditions you might encounter.
  • Four-season tents are roughly 10 to 20 percent heavier than three-season models. Convertible tents allow you to add or omit poles and adjust ventilation as conditions dictate.
  • How many people do you need to accommodate? Capacity ratings, 2 man vs. 3 man, tend to be optimistic. A two-person tent may be a tight squeeze for two large adults and their gear.
  • Use a tarp, ground cloth or footprint to protect the tent's floor.
  • Practice pitching your tent before the trip; don’t get stuck in the dark not knowing how to pitch your tent. And don’t forget your headlamp.

 Get the right tent, and you can expect years of reliable shelter from any weather conditions you might encounter. Smart campers and hikers know that a tent is an important investment, to be used for many seasons if properly treated. You should buy a single tent that will work for a broad range of camping needs.