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Backpacks & Day Packs










At Tent and Hike we want to provide the best gear possible and give you the information needed to choose your new gear.

3 things to consider when picking your backpack or day pack...

Activities, Capacity and Fit


Before hiking in and purchasing your pack you need to consider your activities, what am I going to be doing? and how long will I be doing it? Will you be hiking, climbing, skiing, on a day hike from your campsite or just hanging around town or school?  If you’re hiking will it be over night? Once you’ve answered these questions you can decide if you want a daypack or a backpack for a longer haul, extra gear or over night.


Capacity is measured in liters and it is the volume of gear the pack can carry. This is where you decide how much stuff you have and how much room do you need?

Twenty to 30 liters is the perfect volume for a daypack. Unless you have a specific use, anything over 30-liters begins to enter into the world of multi-day backpacking and becomes too much for day uses.


Once you've figured out what activities you need your new pack to fit, the last and most important step is fit. Ideally, you want most of your weight sitting on or close to your hips. Therefore, it is important that the pack fits your torso precisely. Most daypacks come in only a single size, so choosing the correct size is not as important as will a backpacking pack, but it is still a factor to consider in order to make sure it will be comfortable. To learn how to measure your torso length check out Outdoor Gear Lab for a full how to. 

Many avid outdoor folks have multiple packs to accommodate whatever activity they maybe participating in, as your gear collection grows you may also find the need for multiple packs. We hope this quick guide helps Get You Outside!!